Monday, 28 July 2014

What is it about YOU that people want to buy?

What is it about YOU that people want to buy? It's not just whatever you are selling that your customers are interested in - it's you, your personality, your charisma, your demeanour and (probably) above all, your passion.  It's that old saying-

People buy people

Which is why, I think, that the most vibrant modern brands are extensions of their founders-

Body Shop & Anita Roddick
Virgin & Richard Branson
Innocent & Richard Reed
Laura Ashley
Tony Blair (in the early years) & New Labour

I also thnk this is why celebrity culture has taken off in such a huge way. I think there is a vacuum in the ground stand-out companies used to occupy and this has been filled with stand-out people. People who large parts if the population feel they can relate to. These celebrities have become brands of their own. From this base of a direct line of communication with their 'followers' they can sell their products.  I'm thinking-

Jamie Oliver
Dr Dre
David Beckham
Justin Bieber

All if these have grown their fan base and then exploited it's potential.  You can buy their clothes, fragrance, dolls, headphones, etc.

Now imagine if you could replicate that in your company

How could that happen?

Well it's probably time to have a look at what you stand for, what you are right now and what is vitally important to you, and by extension, your company.

What you stand for
This thought process or discussion can take many forms, but will probably come down to the same set of answers. You can ask yourself-

What makes me different?
Why am I better?
What can I do that my competition can't?
How would I like to be seen/known?
What do I want to be famous for?

The differing questions should bring a consistent answer, and this will be the base for your business plan, your staff training, your team briefs, your marketng and all your discussions with your customers. The needs to be a clear definition if why your customers will choose you over your rivals.

I thnk that 3 or 4 main reasons why you are good and why your customers if the future will choose you is an ideal number for you, your team and your customers to focus on.

Where you are right now
This is a measure of how far away you are from the perfect picture that you have painted when deciding what you stand for.

Make a set of manageable steps with specific, realistic timeframes to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Keep a weekly check of your progress in these areas and monitor your progress.

These two steps will clarify what is vitally important to you and your company. It gives you something of a yardstick to consider before every action and every decision relating to your company.

Think 'if this doesn't contribute to our goal then why am I doing it.'

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