Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mystery shopping and retail

Mystery shopping and retail have worked hand in hand over a number of years to improve results. A single retail unit with an owner/manager can assess what is going on pretty much all the time. But as a retail business grows, there is far more to assess. Multiple sites, longer opening hours and a bigger group of staff mean that the single owner cannot get around to every activity all the time. This is where mystery shopping and retail come together to assess -
  • Any training needs
  • The quality of service your team are giving
  • Embedding new processes or products
All of this could benefit from ongoing support and advice. If your team know their areas to improve, then they can take some responsibility for them. You can give support too, so everyone wins. Mystery shopping and retail can work well if the plan is well-thought-out and executed well too.

The reasons to consider mystery shopping and retail

The time it takes to individually assess each of your team can swallow up your whole week. The observations you make are based on what your team members are like when you are watching them - do you have faith that they display the same level of care when you are not present? This is a constant worry for any retailer of any size. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, Their opinion travels over long distances in seconds with the internet and online reviews. Make sure that you protect your reputation by assessing what your team are like when you step away for a while.

Mystery shopping can be seen as a way to catch out members of your team, but it shouldn't be framed like that. Mystery shopping and retail can come together to identify areas for improvement. If it is explained in the right way, then your team can see it as a further support mechanism. You are assessing their need to be supported and trained rather than trying to catch them doing something they should not.

The mystery shopping companies you could use

There are a great number of mystery shopping companies in the UK, each with their own way of working. One of the most prominent is Market Force, who have been providing the service for a number of years. Market Force are a great company to work with. If you are a retailer, then get in touch with them to see how they can come up with a programme that will improve the way your team works. If you want to become a mystery shopper with Market Force then click the link here.

Do your research to see what works for you in terms of a mystery shopping company. if this is a route you are considering. Think about what they will bring to the table. The evaluations should add something to your business, not take away. Mystery shopping and retail is a good combination, but a poorly planned programme of mystery shopping will only cost you money. That's not what you want from a mystery shopping experience.

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