Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How quickly do your customers want it?

There is always a push with retail to get things delivered as quickly as possible. Feelunique are the latest retailer to come up with same-day delivery on their website. It costs a whopping £14.95 so will only really be there for people who absolutely must have an item or those that are shopping in bulk. But all of this does lead to the question -

How quickly do your customers want it?
I can see some need to have same-day delivery for certain items. Pizza just won't wait. But for the retail side of people's spend, I don't see a massive market for all of this. I often order from a retailer and they tell me I can pick it up from their store within the next 2 hours. It isn't very often I actually am even ready to do this, let alone need it. But click and collect is a very different beast altogether. Delivery takes logistics, takes diesel and comes at quite a cost.

Why does same-day delivery exist?

Retailers need to think about how they can put together an offering that stands them apart from the crowd. This can often mean offering gimmicks that are not really a part of their core offering. Same-day delivery is something that you might expect from Argos. It fits into their brand. But fashion retail doesn't have the same feel. People choose an item because they think they will look great in it, not because they can get it the same day. Yes, there may be those select few people maybe once every few years, that need an item that day for a specific event. And if Feelunique make a bit of money off the back of that and gain a loyal customer, then all well and good for them. But they may be damaging their brand with other potential customers in the meantime.

Retail is a very crowded marketplace. Fashion retail is quite cutthroat. So it pays to be different. I'm not sure that this is the kind of differentiation that will propel a brand from also-ran to the top echelons. Zara have reached the very top by offering new fashions quickly. Primark have done something similar at a lower price point. Next offer their sale, delivery and returns in store. All of these have been very successful off the back of this. I think that Feelunique think that their move this way will help them to achieve something similar. For now, they will soak up the publicity and see where it takes them.

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