Tuesday, 28 January 2014



This is a short introduction to an ongoing series of short blogs on retail.  I have worked in retail for over 20 years and in this blog I'll share my experiences and show how these can be fitted to a plan for a retailer to move forward.  I also mention in the blog name about saving the High Street in the UK.  There is much debate about whether it can be saved or should be saved.  It has been the centre of life for many towns for over a hundred years.  It has to change and adapt to survive, but yes - it is worth saving.

I won't reveal my name at any stage my name, the name of any of my colleagues or any of my employers, past or present, as I don't think that this is fair for anyone or any company involved.  I still work in retail, so I value my anonymity.

I will take specific examples from my working life and apply them to a strategy to ensure that retailers have a better time of things (this is specifically vague, as I don't necessarily mean more profit, as this may mean less money in the pocket of you or I) and the High Street is returned to a vibrant place to work, shop and spend time.

Hope this makes a little sense ans starts to get your interest.  All of my blogs will be fairly short and on a single topic, so would make good weekly reading for any retailer, shopper or entrepreneur out there.

Thanks for reading!

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