Friday, 11 July 2014

Shop Local is more than just a slogan

Why don't customers in all walks of life choose smaller, independently-owned local businesses to interact with?

Why would you get your coffee fix from a national homogenised chain when there's a local alternative available?

Local companies employ local people, are run by local people who then spend their income locally.  International companies funnel income away from your local area (often in tax avoidance schemes that deprive the UK Treasury of much-needed tax income.). The ethics of major banks, retailers and hospitality companies is regularly brought into question by their mis-selling, corporate governance and tax affairs - so why go global when you can go local?

I would urge all local independent retailers to push this fact in your marketing.

If you are local, live local, send your kids to a local school, spend locally, pay local council tax then you already have an emotional link to the area you are selling your products in and have an empathic link to your local buyers.  You must use this link to forge links with other local businesses and the larger local community.

I would suggest that you source your products from local suppliers wherever possible. If you can supply from your local community then the connection you have with your local community will be much stronger.

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