Sunday, 4 January 2015

Have you started the year with a bang?

Calling all retailers - 2015 has started and those selling off all their unsold Christmas products have started with somewhat of a bang. Footfall has been good, the weather has been kind and opening hours have attracted a lot of bargain hunters, in store and moreso online.

Don't dismiss online. Remember back to previous blogs where I spoke about click and collect.

I have seen research by an unnamed High Street retailer that the average customer spends approximately a further £8 when they come into store to collect their goods. The value of this is immense.

If you haven't got your act together for 2015 then ensure that you start to think and act straight away. Get your team together and work out what you want to achieve this year, and then build stepping stones if a rinks that will allow you to get there.

Good luck!

What Traditional Estate Agents don't tell you: A guide to getting the most out of selling your home by Steven Thompson

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