Tuesday, 6 October 2015

See how a diary of events can help you to plan for next year

I've been around and about shops over the last few weeks and there's a lot of shops trying to make the most of things in what's traditionally a bit of a lull between Back To School and Christmas.

There's a lot of retailers stocking rugby-related products with the World Cup being played presently. I shopped in Durham today and there's an ancillary Back To Uni trade here, as in many university towns and cities. And it's these events that I think can make the difference for independent retailers. I think that keeping a diary of events and how they affect your trade and your team can make a huge effect in how you react to these events in the future.

Planning a broad outline of the events and mini-events of the year will provide you with a framework of the year. You will need to ensure that you have prepared something to reflect these events - extra staff, stock that matches the event, dressing up the store, etc.

You'll need to take account of-

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Hallowe'en
  • Back to school
  • Back to university
  • New Year
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Sports events (World Cups, Olympics, Wimbledon, etc)
  • Valentines day
  • Pay day weekends
  • Local events

It's by having this set up and making notes of how it all affected you (including notes of what you did differently) that will give you a framework for these events next year.

You can try different things when approaching these events. There are many options, including-

  • Changing opening hours
  • Bringing more staff in
  • Staging an in-store event
  • Sending out email reminders to your mailing list
  • Giving extra loyalty points or coinciding a sale with the event

It's by trying these different things and having notes to refer back to that you will start to build a picture of what works.


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