Monday, 21 December 2015

See why you shouldn't manage your retail shop in the style of Jose Mourinho

There are real lessons to be learnt from the tenure and sacking of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. His second stint in charge of the club finally came to an end yesterday, after weeks of speculation. It's always difficult to totally understand why someone loses their job when you view it from the outside. Like most businesses, football is a results-driven business so it's on the field that makes the difference. But there has been a continual message from Mourinho this season. It has undermined his own position. There's a common phrase bandied around in situations like this -"he lost the changing room." It means that the players (or at least some of them) stopped playing at 100% for him. When this is one or two from a squad of around thirty players then it's easy to not pick them. If this spreads and significant players stop pulling their weight then it's a major problem.

Mourinho very publicly chastised the medical team early in the season as this caused immediate disharmony. He has since hung his players out to dry on more than one occasion. Whether this caused the rift with the dressing room or exacerbated it isn't clear but there was most definitely a rift.

What does this mean for me?

Well, as a retail manager and leader of people, you need to be vary of the Mourinho effect. It's by having your team on board with your message and your vision that gets the team working for you. This doesn't mean that you never discipline them, just that you never hang them out to dry.

And it's by having this vision and explaining it, reinforcing it, singing it's praises and celebrating it's successes that your team know where you are all going.

Did Jose Mourinho have a lack of vision? Maybe not but I think his communication of the vision became garbled and this can lose the team just as easily. He went from proclaiming his team to chastising them, from stating he was building a dynasty to talk or only staying for a few years. It's this lack of consistency that also undermined his authority. I use the word authority to mean something different to just power or bring in charge. Authority as a leader includes having people listen to you, understand what you  say and respond with their actions.

If your team don't know how to respond because what you are saying contradicts your overall vision (or what you said last week) then you lose credibility.

So overall you need to remember to-

  • Have a vision
  • Communicate your vision
  • Keep communication levels up
  • Be consistent

It will help you all to achieve your goals. Start by thinking about what your vision is for your team and take it from there.

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