Saturday, 24 December 2016

Bottle Service Sparklers add a touch of real excitement to your customers

Quality hospitality is all about the pizzazz. The way that people feel inside a nightclub, bar or restaurant is what brings them back time and time again. The style and excitement that you provide as a venue is what gets people talking about you, and bringing their friends along.

Premium drinks are a great way to make your clients happy and to spend more with you. What better way to add to the premium drinks experience than with Bottle Service Sparklers?

This is a fantastic way to make a night out an event for your customers and have them delighted with the experience. Bottle service sparklers will-

  • Wow your customers with something different
  • Get more photos taken and shared on social media – increasing your visibility
  • Increase the sale of bottles as people want to be seen

Gold Bottle Sparklers

Everyone loves to feel special. Your customers want to know that you have this in mind. Gold Bottle Sparklers are the ideal way to put some show and buzz into your delivery of a premium drink bottle. The people that are brought the drink feel on top of the world - and the rest of your venue want to feel the same way too.

It improves your premium bottle drink sales while adding a real excitement to the whole venue. It makes others sit up and take notice. It makes people want to “have what she’s having.”

The gold bottle sparklers are 100% safe around food and drink so you also use them with celebration cakes or for any other occasion. People love the way that they sparkle and shine. It is like having a mini light display all in one place.

Bottle Sparkler Clips

With any part of your business you want to ensure that safety is taken care of. The great Bottle Sparkler Clips will allow you to fit 1, 2 or 3 sparklers to a bottle in a safe and secure manner.

Your bar, restaurant or nightclub will be the talk of the town when you start to use Bottle Service Sparklers. Just imagine the look in your customers’ eyes when you bring out their premium drink and deliver it with a buzz of excitement.

That is the difference that Bottle Service Sparklers will bring to you. That is why you need to check them out now.

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