Thursday, 27 April 2017

Cut down on food waste and save money with The Food Safe by Kooks Kitchen

Food wastage has become a massive issue over the last few years. Supermarkets have come under pressure to reduce their waste and help out those in need. And it is a major issue in the home too. A recent study shows that the average family throws away the equivalent of 24 meals of food every month.
So, what can we do about it?
One of the issues is that when we store food at home, we often remove the packaging. The main effect that this has on our ability to stop food from spoiling is the fact that we lose the use by date.
But not any more…
The Food Safe by Kooks Kitchen is the ideal way to store your food and cut down on the waste as it has a unique date indicator that shows you when you need to use the food by. It is a set of 3 premium storage containers that look great and are really functional for any kitchen.

It has several features that make sure your food stays in top condition –
·         The Food Safe is airtight and leakproof, so you know your food will stay as fresh as the day you put it in there
·         It can be used in the fridge or the freezer – and then transfer straight to the microwave
·         The date indicator allows you to mark when you need to use the food by – this saves waste

The Food Safe by Kooks Kitchen works for your kitchen the same way professionals manage their restaurant. You cut out the waste, save money and have fresh food on demand. This product is ideal for any kitchen.

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