Monday, 22 May 2017

Shima Fiber Art produce some amazing items for the discerning buyer

The clothing that we wear and the mementos we keep say a lot about us. As people, we strive to be different, unique and live a life that others look on as something different. It is easy to be drawn into walking to your local shopping mall and buying the same thing as everyone else. But to be truly different, you need to look no further than some of the creative designers on the internet that can give you something you just can’t find anywhere else.

Today in my blog I am proud to feature a designer that can give you something beautiful to wear or adorn your home that you cannot find anywhere else. Shima Fiber Art produces 100% organic clothing and ornaments that will set you apart from the crowd. All of the items are handmade and look beautiful.

The products that she makes include –

·         Pet slippers

·         Dog sculptures

·         Felted animals

·         Felt paintings

·         Wool slippers

·         Art dolls

These have to be seen to be believed, as they are all painstakingly hand crafted to look perfect. The attention to detail and skill that goes into each one of the items created by Shima Fiber Art make them look amazing.

Remember your pet with a beautiful keepsake

Animals are a huge part of our lives, whether as a pet or as we travel the world around us and see nature in all its glory. Our pets are part of the family and when they pass away it can be a really difficult time. Shima Fiber Art produce some of the most delicate and loving keepsakes that help us to remember our beloved pets. She can take an image of your pet and recreate a small model that represents the way they look as well as their character.

They are all made to order and will be ready for you in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.

Unique clothing

Personalised clothing is on point at the moment. People want to look and feel great in something they have found that others didn’t see. It is part of the global success of TJ Maxx, ASOS and other online clothing stores.

Shima Fiber Art design and hand-produce some amazing items of clothing that look and feel great. Whether it is a football-themed gift for a loved one of to treat yourself to something a bit special, Shima Fiber Art has everything you need.

It is a pleasure to feature some creative talents on my blog and I can honestly say that Shima Fiber Art produce some outstanding products that will stun you. Check them out.

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