Thursday, 31 August 2017

Treat your face with an oil that is totally natural and feel the difference immediately

In my blog, I always like to bring you products that help look after you. It is vital in the modern world that we look and feel at our best. The way you feel about yourself becomes more important.

Doing this in a totally natural way is a lifestyle choice that so many of us are taking at the moment. The skincare companies will have you believe through their mass marketing that complex formulas of scores of ingredients are the solution. They make some pretty bold claims but struggle to back this up with results.

Putting only natural ingredients on your skin is recommended by so many holistic and healthcare professionals. If you use only natural products then you can know what you are putting on your skin.

That is why Matcha Green Tea Hydrating Oil Serum,Anti-Ageing, 100% Natural, 15ml is perfect to heal and protect your skin. It harnesses only natural ingredients to provide that care you want for your skin.

The goodness of Matcha Green Tea

Vanga Lama understand skin. They bring you their natural Matcha Green Tea Hydrating Oil Serum because it works naturally on the skin. You get to feel great, look radiant and know that you are only using natural products made in the UK.

Green Tea has been drunk by the Japanese for centuries and is renowned for its healing powers. It is known to calm the body, mind and skin. Vanga Lama bring all of this wholesome calmness to you in the form of an oil serum.

It takes no time at all for the effects to be visible on your skin. The natural healing properties of the product get to work straight away on all areas of your skin –

·         It aids wrinkle reduction

·         It promotes rejuvenation of skin

·         It delivers an improvement of skin complexion

·         It prompts improvement of skin elasticity

·         It helps with rosacea reduction

·         It is effective in blemish and scar reduction

Don’t just take my word for it, try Matcha Green Tea Hydrating Oil Serum, Anti-Ageing, 100% Natural, 15ml today and see how effective it is in just a short space of time.

Fights on 3 fronts

Your skin is precious. Applying chemicals and invasive treatments can cause long-term harm. You must look after it in a careful and natural way if you want to fight the 3 areas of skincare.  Matcha Green Tea Hydrating Oil Serum is –

·         Anti-Dryness to keep your face looking hydrated and fresh

·         Anti-Oxidant to protect against free radicals responsible for ageing

·         Anti-Inflammatory to soothe your skin

We all want to look young, healthy and fresh. To do all of this naturally is the secret that women all over the world have been searching for year after year. This amazing product contains only ONE ingredient –

1.       Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract

That’s it. No additives, no chemicals, no preservatives and nothing harmful. 100% natural goodness from start to finish. Compare this to the list of ingredients on your jar of face cream at home. There are loads of ingredients listed, some with pretty scary names and not many you will have ever heard of. Is this what you want to out on your face? No, I didn’t think so.

Here's what the customers are saying about it –

“Loads of products out there...just try it once! You will see the difference! Combine it will the mask and you will never return to you for normal facial routine!”

“I am 70 years of age and have been using Matcha Green Tea Oil for the past few months. My wrinkles have smoothed out and my skin now feels soft and silky giving it a healthy glow. I am so pleased that, at last, I have found a natural product that actually works”.

“Fast delivery, beautifully wrapped & products worked. Will shop here again."

Try Matcha Green Tea Hydrating Oil Serum, Anti-Ageing, 100%Natural, 15ml today and see what it feels like to use a totally natural product. What’s more, this amazing Oil Serum is available for only £12.99. Think about the cost of all those creams on the shelf in Boots or your nearest department store.

Get it today.

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