Monday, 18 December 2017

Retail Flux supercharges the way you do business with your customers

As a retailer, you need to know every angle to make sure you get the most from your operation. Analysing aspects such as the best products to stock, correct staffing levels and promotions are all part and parcel of a successful retailer. And most successful retailers have these elements under tight control. But there is a vital part of a retail operation that is often overlooked, but you should be all over to ensure success.

Watching the way that people behave in your store is far more than just an interesting pastime. It actually gives you vital data that will help you –

·         Reorganize the layout

·         Place the most effective promotions

·         Supercharge the way your team interact with your customers

And this is where Retail Flux comes in. Using cameras high above the sales floor, they are able to deliver data that can transform the way you do business with your retail customers. Looking down on the way that people behave when they are browsing your store will give you all the information you need to know about how your current layout is affecting behavior – and how to make changes that will bring you more.

High quality information

Now it would be easy to watch the cameras you already have in store and see if they offer any clues to how people interact with your store. But that’s a low-tech and time-consuming way of seeing what is happening. Retail Flux has the high-tech solution. We analyse the data streams, based on the movements around your store. This provides you with heat maps, so you can see –

·         Where all the hot areas of your store are

·         Any cold areas that produce low footfall

·         How effective your in-store promotions are

·         What effect the layout of the store is having on the way your customers shop

And this is delivered by showing the flow of shoppers, number of visitors, the routes they take and the way they queue.

It is easy to set up, as Retail Flux can adapt most systems that are already in place. This means that you don’t have a massive cost installing a new system and there is no disruption for your team or customers while systems are fitted. The information you get is ideal to help you manage the effective operation of your store. This is the next level of data that will allow you to be successful and stand head and shoulders above your competition in terms of planning and control. Retail is detail – and Retail Flux gives you detail beyond what you could have ever imagined.

See the real power of Retail Flux and maximize profits

Looking beyond the ordinary is what we all aspire to as retailers. But without the systems to offer something truly different, how can you make that happen? Retail Flux helps you to get the very most from what you do every single day of the week. Check out their YouTube channel to see exactly how this works in the real world.

And the way it can boost your retail business is real. Think about the massive effect that subtle changes can have, such as –

·         Making the marketing and promotions you use much more effective

·         Designing a layout that gets the most from every visitor

·         Make higher sales by placing your key products in the right places

·         Align the resources you have with what the shopper actually wants

·         Maximize your profit by looking at high margin items in high footfall areas

Now all of this gives you the insight you need to generate the maximum sales from your retail operation. No more guessing what might work for you. Have the knowledge you need at your fingertips with Retail Flux.

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