Sunday, 18 February 2018

Get the ultimate ice machine for your customers - and delight your team too

Ice makers are at the heart of every kitchen – both domestic and commercial. A commercial kitchen will get through a lot of ice in a year. It takes up a lot of time and space to produce and store all of this ice via traditional methods. There are far better solutions to this in the modern day.

But there is so much difference between a standard machine and one made to the highest standards. If you need ice and need it quickly, then you must go straight to the experts in the field…

When it comes to staying cool, there are a few ways to do it. But none are quite as effective as the Hoshizaki ice machines. If you want ice then your machine has to be certain things –

·         Precision-engineered by experts in the field

·         Efficient operation to keep the ice coming

·         Reliable so you don’t get stumped by a breakdown

Hoshizaki produce all of their own ice machine parts so you know that you are in great hands. It means that you can rely on them every time. Don’t buy and inferior product and regret it. They say, ‘buy quality and buy once.’ And this is the perfect case in point.

The best machine for your kitchen

Your customers want to know that you have ice when they need it for their drinks. The on-demand economy means that if someone walks into your bar or restaurant and needs ice in their drink, you’d better provide it. Don’t think that there is a better way around this than to have a quality ice machine in your kitchen.

The Hoshizaki KM-75A ice machine produces up to 72kg of clear hard crescent ice per day, so enough for all your needs. In addition, it has a 40kg ice storage bin, so you can keep it in the right place for your kitchen and bar team. It has a bunch of amazing features, such as –

·         It delivers hard crystal cubes – the type that melt slowly

·         It is easy to maintain and clean – just what you need in your kitchen

·         The Hoshizaki KM-75A mounts flush to the wall to save you space

·         The domed float switch means it works just as well in hard water areas

·         The tank is easy to remove so you can clean easily

·         It consumes a low level of electricity and water – saving you money

·         There is a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the whole unit – giving you peace of mind

The machine that keeps your customers happy

Being able to keep up with customer demand is a vitally important part of any catering business. One of the best ways to do this is to take the stress and hassle out of any process. An ice machine means that you can easily cut the time of delivering ice to your customers for –

·         Alcoholic drinks and cocktails

·         Seafood and oysters

·         Other non-alcoholic drinks

·         Displays of food

You will never run out of ice when you need it with a quality and reliable Hoshizaki ice machine. Think about how much time and effort this will save over the long run. Don’t ever settle for second best when you can access high quality at low cost. Think about how much difference the Hoshizaki ice machine can change the way you work in the kitchen or behind the bar.

Your customers deserve the best, so give it to them. Don’t look anywhere else for a machine – get Hoshizaki now and deliver exactly what your customers want. Why would you do it any other way?

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