Thursday, 26 June 2014

A message to TK Maxx

Hello TK Maxx, I've spent time in one of your stores today and I have a few comments. I feel that generally the stores are good - light, easy to browse, well laid out and easy to lose track of time in. All ingredients for successful customer interaction and factors that will induce good sales.

The staff are friendly and approachable, but not at all intrusive - a good mix.

The queuing system and till area are well laid out as well, but queues can form really quickly in fashion retail, so you definitely need more staff either in or around the till areas.

One area I can see that will make an immediate improvement in your availability and sales is the processing of stock around the women's changing room area. I have noticed this in a lot of women's fashion retailers but it affects you far more than a lot of your competitors.  Your USP is the "finds" that your customers make - branded goods arriving daily at a knockdown price.  When so many of your finds are left next to the changing rooms (40+ items today on a quiet morning) then they aren't on the shop floor waiting for your customers to find them.

I would suggest a run every 15 minutes for someone to return all the items to their shop floor location.  This will increase availability and customer satisfaction.  The items that are tried in are the more popular items that others would desire.

Just a short note today, prompted by a visit.

Thanks for listening.
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