Friday, 25 April 2014

How will Primark fare in the USA?

As Primark gets set to open their first store in America, it begs the question of how it became so successful over here in the UK.  The BBC article below looks at how they may fare.

I see Primark's success as down to two main factors - price and speed of getting fashion from the catwalk to the High Street.

If they can replicate these two areas in the USA then they will be some way towards satisfying American customers.

One area they may need to improve on their UK operations is customer service.  Surly security guards, head-down ass-up shelf fillers and till operators more interested in each other's night out than the customer in front of them won't wash in the most demanding consumer market in the World.  And an improvement in the US may rub off on their UK operation.

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