Monday, 19 May 2014

How to increase town centre High Street footfall

Figures released today have shown that retail footfall dropped by 0.1% in April.

However footfall in out of town locations rose by 4% - the 4th month in a row that there had been an increase.

This is more evidence that the government 's town centre first policy is not working.

So what next.  I've looked at certain points in prior blogs relating to how this can be tackled.  Changes to the business rates in vacant shops and incentives from government to help local councils provide free parking are two ways that I think will have a massive impact.

The march of Click & Collect should also see some improvements in town centre footfall and sales figures.

What about YOU as a retailer - what are you doing to keep your High Street vibrant?

Do you have a town centre retail committee?
If so, are you on it?
Are you organising events and incentives to promote your town?
Do you cross-refer to other local retailers?

I think a prime example of the last point is  linked to weddings. A florist should always have a link to a bridal gown shop, a limo hire company, a local wedding cake company - and vice versa.

Local communities of like-minded retailers are stronger together.  Hosting town centre events for Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, etc will make the whole town sing, encourage people to visit many stores and increase both footfall and sales.

Do this in addition to the moves I have previously outlined and there's a profit to be made!

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