Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Celebrate every small win, as they add up

I've been thinking about how to motivate your team at a low level in a regular basis. It's important to know they you are appreciated and that your efforts mean something to colleagues, customers, management and the company as a whole. People need to feel valued, and for me, the biggest way you handle this happen is verbally and non-financially.

I know some companies where every 'appreciation' has to be given through the payroll. This just doesn't have the same impact. In the moment feedback is invaluable. Actually saying to someone how well they've dealt with a customer, straight after the event is worth so much more than speaking to your colleague later, or even rewarding them financially at the end of the month in their pay packet.

And I'm talking about celebrating all the small wins that add up to the big win at the end of your trading period-

Getting a big delivery dealt with
Solving a problem for a customer
Closing a difficult sale
Cross-selling items to a customer
Tenerchandising a section to make it look much better

It's only when your team feel involved, motivated and free to have the confidence in their abilities that they will fire on all cylinders and produce their best work for you.

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