Thursday, 2 October 2014

Who's next? Why we can alienate our customers before they've even reached us

I hate the phrase "who's next?" in retail. I hate it with a passion. It strikes me as out of control, rude, unfriendly and derivative.

So why do we use it in most retailers when our customers reach the point of sale?

There are so many better things to say-

"Can I help?"
"How can I help?"

Are all better phrases that could be used over the "who's next?" comment. It runs deep, and customers really don't like it. It is at the core of where you and your customers stand with each other. Every time I hear "who's next?" I think "well, the person at the front if the queue - that's who's next."

It shows a lack of control, as the till operator should know exactly who is next. And they always do know who is next.

It isn't very polite, as a smile, eye contact and the phrase "can I help?" say far more positive things about our relationship with our customers and how we wish to treat them.

If this happens where you work, please talk to your team and eradicate it.

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