Saturday, 26 September 2015

Looking back at 100 blog posts - part 2 - your team

I've been looking back and celebrating 100 blog entries on my popular retail blog. In the first of these reviews, I looked at the High Street. My blog is about how to save the UK High Street and I set it up with the intention of looking at the issues that affect the High Street itself. In and around that are the areas that make retailers successful - as a successful set of retailers will mean a successful High Street.

The second review, here, is looking at the management of teams. I find that many of my readers are independent retailers who have a team around them. My other main group of readers is people who work for larger retail organisations and are looking to improve and develop their skills every day. I have looked in a different blog at you should attempt to keep learning and improving all the time-

In this following blog, I look at how you organise your team to cover the weekend, where most retailers are busier-

It's very important that you as a retailer are ready for your trade and prepared long before they walk through the door. It's only by providing a great service that you turn your customers into brand ambassadors and have them not only returning time and time again, but bringing their friends and family with them.

And in this one, I look at ensuring that you are consistent in your management decisions to ensure that your team are engaged-

And I also take a look at short-staffing and where it can lead you and your team-

It is really important that your team feels on board with the decisions that are made. This involves communicating your ideas and goals with them team. But it also involves ensuring that each and every small decision fits into the big picture. Your team can get really disheartened if they work hard towards a goal and then feel that the rug has been pulled from under them. A very short example-

If all the work that the team had pout in to clinching a particular client was then undermined if the client withdrew their business because of a personal dispute with someone high up in your company.

And finally, I look at how to reward those in your team that exceed or excel. It's important that you reward those in your team that make the business a success. To have people work hard (again) and not reward them is dispiriting. Yo verbally, personally reward someone for a good shift, hard work, a particularly good sale will improve the morale of the whole team-

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