Friday, 11 September 2015

Looking back at 100 blog posts - part 1 - The High Street

As I look back at the blog, and the 100 posts that have come before, I will take the next five blog entries to look at the themes that have emerged during my time writing this.

One of the main motivations for writing this blog was the decline in the UK High Street, and what could be done about it. Although the blog hasn't focused on that completely, I have returned to that subject time and time again. I think that some of my blogs have been about comparisons, some have been moans and some have been looking at ways of stimulating the High Street again - not to it's former glory, but to a modern-day vibrant place to shop, eat, park and spend leisure time.

I looked in an early blog about how to make the most of the customers you have through your door when on the High Street. The key to your customers that are against the clock is speed of service. On the High Street, as a pose to those shoppers at out of town retailers, there is the pressure of time. This typically comes from parking charges and the fact that a lot of your customers will be on their lunch break. The blog below looks at preparing for this and being ready.

I have tried to tread a fine line on this blog between protecting the High Street, but not at all costs. I think that retail has to adapt to it's surroundings and move with the times. Modern retailing has embraced the online offering, often matching it with the ability to Click and Collect. In this blog, I looked at the modern High Street embracing the advantages technology could offer.

And I wondered in the blog below if there is a major retailer that would take up the plight of the High Street and become a true champion. I think that a big retailer should look after the smaller independent retailers around it. A vibrant High Street or town centre is a benefit for all who live near, shop there and have an outlet there.

After a visit to Italy, I briefly looked at the differences between the two shopping cultures and the two shopping areas created and used by us and the Italians-


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