Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Read how retail is more positive than negative

I was looking for a little inspiration for today's blog and I decided to google "retail problems" to see if there was anything there to prompt me. I kind of wish I hadnt. There are hundreds of links such as this one-

And they are all about the bad things about working in retail, the bad things about customers and how bad things are. I'd like to think that my blog over the years gives the opposite view to this. I've looked at how retail can be looked at and found to be interesting for those working in it. The fascination of retail for me can be looked at in so many different ways but I'll have a look at some here-

Every day is different
There are do many industries that I've heard this said about but nowhere is it as true as I'm retail. Every single day brings in a new challenge, a new question, a new customer or a new idea. The dynamic nature of retail is what makes it engaging and keeps people interested and coming back for more. New ideas from those in charge make change management a massive part of retail and will ensure that it continues to be a dynamic work environment.

Interaction with people
Linked to the above, it's the constant flow of new customers that go some way to making each day different. This is amplified if you are a niche or speciality retailer as you will have to spend more time with each new customer as you explain your offering to them. And for me, this is where it can get really interesting. The opportunity to spend quality time with customers (new or old) transforms the day. It's what turns the mundane into the extraordinary as you get to build what you hope and expect to be long-term relationship with your customers.

The team aspect
It's being part of a team that are (usually) all pulling in the same direction that is another aspect of retail that I really enjoy. I know that it's not the only industry in which you work as part of a team but the team bond always feels stronger in retail than anywhere else I've worked. The fact that we're all in it together and the goals are shared means that we share a bond and every action that one of us takes affects all the others. This can have negative consequences but more often than not, means that everyone does what is in the best interests of the customers and their colleagues. 

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