Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The 5 rules of managing your team

These are the 5 rules of managing a team in any discipline, but is perfectly tailored to retail-

1- Recruit quality

The recruitment process and the remuneration package needs to be robust enough to ensure that you can attract quality applicants and choose the best available to you.

2- Train effectively

Once you have your quality team or new quality employee then your training programme needs to be thorough, challenging and supportive.  Your team needs to feel as though they have been given training in the right areas to be comfortable in their role and then successful after that.

3- Set the standards

Your team should know what you stand for, what is important to you and what your expectations for them are.  This is basic management and can be shown by your words and your actions - lead in the way you want then to follow.

4- Police the standards

Once your team know what you want from them, ensure that they also know you are watching and monitoring their performance.  This is positive reinforcement of the standards that you outlined in point 3.

5- Reward accordingly

This can take many forms, from a simple "than you" to a bonus or more responsibility.  This can also mean performance management or disciplinary action if the results are not to the standard required.

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