Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Day gets me thinking…

I look forward through the year, after Valentine's Day for the other days, holidays, events and festivals that will see an increase in trade for the High Street.  Of course the level of trade will depend on your location and the type of retail business you are, as well as other factors.  However, there are certain UK events that will see an increased footfall in your High Street and you will need to be ready with staffing and high-profile window displays to make the most of this.

Some such events are-

Mother's Day
Father's Day
End of school year
Football World Cup
School Summer holidays
Back to School
November 5th

Ensure you have diarised far in advance what you are going to do for these events, even if they don't directly relate to your business - as I stated earlier, there will be an increased footfall in and around you.  Speak to other retailers in your town and see what events you can plan together.  Join or form a retailers association to pool ideas, knowledge and budgets to make a big event in your High Street.

Preparation is the key!

Some things you can't buy on the High Street - MP3 version of NOW That's What I Call Disney

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