Thursday, 27 November 2014

Are events for your customers or your team?

Minh It's that time of year when retailers start sending you emails and accosting you in store to tell you about their shopping events-

Discount card promotions
Extra points offers
Pre-Christmas sales
Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Offer of the week

These are all events running in various retailers at the moment in the UK and beyond.

My question is -

Are these events for your customers or for your team?

I know that eventually they are for your bottom line, or your shareholders, but I think on the surface it's a different proposition. Do they serve the purpose of attracting more customers to your door? Or do they serve the purpose of motivating your team?

I think that here is a bit of both but more for your team than your customers. It's nice for your team to pull together for these events, inspire each other and feel motivated to give their all for a big sales push. It gives you all focus in the build up to get the store ready and plan what you will do to make it special. It has a unifying effect, and gives something to look forward to, and something to reflect back on.

This has its own value.

For all you independent retailers (which I hope is a large proportion of my readership) then Small Business Saturday on 6th December is one such event that you can get behind. It's not too late to get your pack from -

Get you and your team behind it, and support other local business as well.

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