Sunday, 30 November 2014

Do you know how to interact with your team?

I know this probably first appears as a stupid question - of course I know how to interact, especially with my team. But look a little deeper and you'll find a communication, training and leadership issue that can determine the future success of your company.

Now whether you are an independent retailer with a handful of staff or a multinational with tens of thousands, it has been shown in recent years that people take in, process and act upon information in different ways.

In terms of learning, there are quite wide differences, where some understand written information much better than verbal and vice versa. Some understand theory and can adapt that to their role, whilst others require practical learning that they can immediately apply to their everyday job. Some need silence to be able to take in and process what is being conveyed whilst others need a group to discuss and question their own understanding.

And this is just training!

Add to this any tasks that you want your team to carry out, dealings with customers such as taking orders, and you have a potential minefield. But it does it have to be so.

I'm sure that you already have at least an inkling of how you need to interact with each member of your team, even if you've not yet formalised these ideas in your head. 

Think about who in your team reacts quickest to things you've said - these are probably those that can process information verbally. You get the picture!

It's about assessing your individual team member's needs and adapting your style to suit.

Try it - the results will be obvious.

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