Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where does the dynamic in your team come from?

Where does the dynamic in your team come from?

It's not always you, as the business owner, leader or manager - and that's not always a problem! Sometimes the spirit of the store can be a colleague or team member, and it's often their knowledge or ability to enthuse that sets them apart. As long as this person is enthusing people to do the right things (and not poison the well) then use their influence. You can let them lead and inspire the team in their natural way.

I have worked in many retail companies where the powerful influence hasn't been the manager. Some managers respect this and accept the fact that they can still be a manager and leader. Some managers hate this and fight it tooth and nail - I call these "title managers." Title managers need everything to come from them and through them, they hate any idea of influence coming from anywhere else and hunt down any other influential people - with intent to destroy them. It creates a hostile, negative atmosphere. And, in my experience, these managers are usually the ones that don't know a great deal about the business and have a low level of creativity. This stifles the natural creativity of the team and creates a vacuum, where nobody steps into the creative void for fear of the title manager's response.

I say that it is always positive to embrace motivation from within your team, wherever it comes from. An empowered, confident team are far more productive and resourceful than a team afraid to step on the toes of those in power.

Please think about how you want your team to operate - with of without you there.

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