Monday, 17 November 2014

Set up conversations determine the quality of delegated tasks

What action do you take when a team member doesn't complete a task in the time set?

You set a task, and give one of your team a certain amount of the in which to complete it. They don't get it done in the time you've set them. What do you do next?

In sure this happens in retail all the time, and I'm sure that people deal with it in many different ways, with differing degrees of success.

I set out below the way in which I would deal with it, and hopefully this will give you a framework to deal with any similar situations-

Understand the delay
You need to ask questions as to why the task wasn't completed on time. Were there more customers than first though? as dealing with customers is a priority. Did another team member not pull their weight? Did the team member fully understand the task? Did you actually give aside enough time for it in the first place?

All of these factors can hugely influence the task and the following discussion.

Setting it up for next time
Once you have an understanding of the situation that has just happened, you will have an idea of how to set up the team member for the next task. This is going back as step or two but the set up conversation is key to the task. You can avoid a lot of these incomplete tasks by getting the set up conversations right in the first place.

This is a confidence-builder for both you (you understand that the task is more likely to be done) and the team member (they fully understand what they are doing.)

Giving feedback
It's not just the task being finished in time, but it being done correctly. The feedback (positive and negative) will allow you and your team to move forward with confidence.

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